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Taking a reflexology course in London was never been easier until we started reflexology training at D2D Therapies.

After a long day at work, a perfect foot massage may get you heavenly relax. Unlike other types of massage, reflexology is performed to the reflex points of the body parts, especially on foot. Reflexology is an effective massage which can be performed by a professional.
However, everyone can act to do the foot massage. But, only certified reflexologist can give you the extreme relax. Now the question is how to know if the person is certified. In this article, we will discuss those. Besides we will explain on Reflexology Course in London. Before start going to deep, let’s get some basics.

What is Reflexology? 

Unlike other body massages such as Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, reflexology is applied on reflex points. It is a type of massage that includes the various amount of pressure to hands, feet and ears. The theory behind this is that those body parts are connected to other body parts and organs. People who apply this kind of massage are called reflexologist.

To become a reflexologist, it’s mandatory to do Reflexology Course, which we are going to discuss later.

Now, let’s see where it comes from.

History of Reflexology

It is believed that the present reflexology was begun in 2330 B.C. in China. However, ancient Egypt and North American tribes have also started practising hundreds of years ago. The actual origin of the reflexology is difficult to track. In the USA William H. Fitzgerald is considered as a father of Reflexology. In 1917, he wrote about ten vertical zones of the human body that extend the length of the body. He also found that an extended amount of pressure can provide relief from pain on some parts of the body.

How does Reflexology Work?

Like other massages, reflexology helps to release stress, which heals the pains in reflex points. However, several theories explain how reflexology works. Let take a brief on those theories.

  1. Reflexology works through the central nervous system. According to this theory, the pressure given to the reflex points flows to the central nervous system, which adjusts the current tension level of the body. As a result, it enhances the overall relaxation and increases the optimum functionality of internal organs.
  2. According to the second theory, reflexology works on reducing pain through stress reduction. This theory suggests that pain is a subjective occurrence which is created by our brain. So, when the brain gets the pain, it gets stressed. Massaging decreases pain. As a result, it reduces stress and improves mood.
  3. This theory says that reflexology helps to keep the vital energy flowing in the human body. If the body clock doesn’t give the reason for the stress, it can cause inefficiencies and lead to illness. So, reflexology continues the energy flow and saves from inefficiencies.
  4. The last theory is the zone theory. According to this theory, the body is divided into 10 vertical zones. The zones are classified to finger and toes, which goes all the way up to the head. So, when a reflexologist massages your fingers and toes, the effect goes to the head and keeps the brain calm.

Techniques to Perform Reflexology Effectively

A certified reflexologist will know all the techniques to perform the massage effectively, such as pressing your finger tips with relative pressure. Additionally, make you fell relax while doing the reflexology.

What can Reflexology Treat?

Since it is different than other types of massage, it used for different purposes. Having said that, let’s see the potential benefits of reflexology.

  • Through stimulation on pressure points, reflexology improves blood circulation.
  • It works as a medicine for stress management.
  • Some joint pains, such as shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain toothache etc. can be reduced by reflexology.
  • If anyone is facing digestion issue along with stomach problems such as Ulcer, Acidity, chest burn and gas, reflexology can helps to solve those issues.
  • It can also give relief for some lung issues.
  • A runny nose can nasal pain can get reduced through reflexology. Besides it also minimize the sinus congestion.
  • Sometimes it is also helpful for some skin problems.
  • If any chain smoker is trying to reduce smoking, reflexology may help the process.

But, you have to remember; only certified reflexologist should provide the massage. However, anyone can be a certified reflexologist by taking a reflexology course.

The benefits mentioned above will not come in a day. You have to keep patience to get the ultimate result.

How long does it take for reflexology to work?

Any therapeutics process is cumulative. You will get the results from regular sessions. In some cases, the client can see the results in a few weeks. But, sometime it may take several weeks to get you fit.

How to know if the Therapist is certified?

The therapist must make his certificate visible in the office. So, you may ask for that if it is not available there. However, in the paper, there should be a list of the accredited organizations that accredit the certificated. That is how you will be able to tell of the therapist is certified.

After looking at the certificate, you may wonder how to become a reflexologist! It is easy; you don’t need to have any medical education background.

How do I become a certified reflexologist?

Aspiring reflexologists can do a one-day certification course from any recognized organization. After that, they may earn further experience by attending a diploma certification. However, you will find many organizations that offer reflexology course. 

You can take the course online, at the venue or from home. But you have to take the course on an accredited organization so that you can start your career right away. D2D Therapies limited is such an organization, which will help you to start your new business or get a job.

Where to take the Reflexology Course in London?

If you go for a walk on the streets of London, you will see many organizations that provide reflexology training. Some of them could be new, while others are experienced. But our training is more helpful than others as we have more than five years of experience in providing training.

D2D therapies offer 1-day reflexology course uk for beginners. However, for the advance reflexologist, some advance courses will be introduced soon. IPTI, Westminster Indemnity and IPHM approve this course.

It will provide all the theoretical and practical knowledge to become a professional for only £450. The curriculum includes-

  • Teach about the Health, Hygiene and Safety
  • Education on consultation techniques
  • Theoretical knowledge
  • Contraindications
  • Massage techniques
  • Practical knowledge
  • Aftercare advice

D2D Therapies Reflexology Course in London Structure

Courses can be taken on venue, Online or reflexology home study courses. On venue course usually runs from morning to evening. However, taking a course through freelance home tutor is also available. You will have to decide the time in the case of home tutoring. Besides, due to the Covid-19 situation, we are also introducing online course pretty soon.

Book your class for reflexology course in London at D2D

To book a seat, you have to pay £30, which will be adjusted with £450 when you start the course. You can make the payment through PayPal and bank deposit. For debit card or credit card payment, please contact us. +44 7455 045306 (Whatsapp)

Benefits of Reflexology Course

After completing the reflexology training, you will have the knowledge of non-intrusive massage movements on the feet. If you don’t want to build a career on massage, you still can massage your friends and family with the techniques you have learnt. You will also learn pre-treatment consultation techniques, which will help your clients to decide the right time to take a massage. Additionally, you can help yourself too.

As a part of the course, you have to apply massage on your course mates or family members to get the practical knowledge. So, you will learn every detail step by step. But, make sure you are aware of any medical condition before massaging.

Who can take Reflexology Training?

Everyone is welcome to take the course, whether you are a newbie or a current therapist. However, you should be at least at least 18 years old. As D2D provides weekend reflexology courses, any professionals can join easily.

The certificate

If you successfully complete the training, you will receive a certificate, which is accredited by a different organization. Using the certificate, you can apply for internship, jobs, or even you can start your own business. Besides, you can also do practice freelance massage service in your free time.

How long does it take to train in reflexology?

The basic training will take only one day if you concentrate properly. However, the advanced course may take 5-6 months to complete. Additionally, if you are passionate about this and want to gain more knowledge, you can take a graduate course on massage, where you will learn everything about massage.

What makes a good reflexologist?

A combination of skills will make you a good reflexologist. A good reflexologist should be a good communicator who can explain the treatment process to the client as well as take all the relevant info from the client. Besides, he should be a good listener who can listen to details problems from the client. He should be able to make the client relaxed and comfortable. Finally, a good reflexologist should keep the records accurately.

How do I prepare for reflexology?

This question is for clients. Unlike other massages therapies, reflexology will not ask you to take off your clothes. You will just have to remove your socks and shoes only. However, we suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothes to make yourself relax. Before starting a course, make sure you tell everything to the therapist, such as any medical conditions, medications etc. After that, the reflexologist will suggest you according to your current state of health. And you have to follow the guidelines.

Possible Side Effects and Safety

Reflexology doesn’t have any major side effects; however, some minor effects may occur. Through the reflexology, oxygen circulation is increased, which forced the nutrients to be distributed all over the body. Some common problems are-

Cold or Flu As the body eliminates the harmful toxins after reflexology, you may feel sinus congestion because of a runny nose. Sometimes, you can see cough up mucus from the lungs.

  • Emotional Reactions

It depends on the body. During or after the reflexology, you may feel like laughing because of relaxation, while others may feel crying. Though, most of the people only feel relaxed.

  • Fatigue 

You may feel extremely week during the massage and may fall asleep. Sometimes you may feel fatigued and headache at the same time, which is relatively for a short period.

  • Sensitive Feet

After reflexology, feet become sensitive and tender. It may give you a temporary pins-and-needles sensation. However, after 10-15 minutes, it should come back to the normal condition.

Those side effects we have mentioned here should not stay for more than 24 hours. You should consult your reflexologist if it stays for more than 48 hours.

Reflexology vs Foot Massage

Reflexology is becoming popular day by day, and many people know it as a regular foot massage. However, both are not same and have a different purpose. Foot massage is just a foot rub while a certified reflexologist palpitates vital reflex points on the feet, ears and hands to boost the energy in the body. So, a regular foot massage won’t give you the healing power like reflexology.

Things You Should Know Before Starting Reflexology Course in London

How much does a reflexology massage cost?

The cost depends on the duration and sometimes on location. But, you may expect from £40-90 for a one-hour session and £30-50 for a 30 minutes session.


A good reflexology massage can get your body a pleasant feeling. Your feet may feel like baby feet after the reflexology. On the other hand, this feeling will only come if you take the massage from a certified reflexologist.

Getting a certificate on reflexology is easy. Taking the reflexology course in London with us will be a time saver and get you the certificate at a reasonable cost. If you are looking for a reflexology course in London, you can try us.

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